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Manufacturers of high quality RF test equipment for lab, industrial and Amateur Radio users.
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June 1, 2024 UPDATE:

Note: The current lead time for shipping LP-100A, LP-500 & LP-700 is is approx. 2-3 weeks.

Coupler-only orders usually ship in about 1 week, except for LPC504, which is 2-3 weeks. You will receive a tracking notice from when your order ships. If you are planning to use the LP-100A with an Acom amplifier with 04AT remote tuner, please let us know so that we can modify the couplers to allow DC and control signals to pass between the amplifier and remote tuner.  

LP-500 / LP-700 Digital Station Monitor


LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter

Simple to use... lab quality... groundbreaking features. Much more than just a wattmeter. 11 band NIST traceable calibration. Click above for detailed information, links to reviews, QEX article and more on this exciting instrument.

Dual Coupler Option allows two couplers to be used with one LP-100A. The meter automatically senses and displays power and SWR for the active coupler, making monitoring of SO2R operations a snap. Also handy for radios with separate HF and 6m outputs. Use any two couplers. Each coupler has its own CAL table.

LP-100 to LP-100A Display Upgrade

Legacy Products:

LP-PAN 2 SDR Panadapter

SteppIR Stuff...

SteppIR Programs, Computer control for your SteppIR

SteppIR Tuning Relay, Protection for your SteppIR during tuning. NOTE: Discontinued product.

Other Stuff...


TelePost privacy and GDPR related information (preliminary).

While we are still digesting the implications of this for our European customers, we have compiled some useful links to the applicable data handlers of our website visitors and customers.

Our website is hosted by Network Solutions, LLC, a Company. Here is a link to their GDPR FAQ page. Much of this relates to us as a direct customer of Network Solutions, but also has information about how they handle traffic to their hosted websites, like

Internet sales for TelePost Inc. is handled by PayPal. Here is a link to their Privacy Policy...

When a customer orders through PayPal, we do not see his credit card information. Phone (credit card) orders at TelePost are processed through PayPal. Credit card and user data information collected during phone orders are stored only in hand written form, and TelePost will destroy any user data requested by the user at any time. We do not share user data of any form with any entity other than PayPal as required to process phone orders. It is only used to process payments and for warranty records. TelePost saves all emails from customers in our email client on our office computers. Data saved is the same as would be saved in your personal email client, and includes the subject, body and header information of emails sent to us.

Favorite Links...

This is a comprehensive rig control program for the K3 / K3S, written by Tom, VA2FSQ. In addition to rig control, it provides a very nice panadapter screen which is loaded with features, including the ability to integrate spots into the display. The software is not free, but certainly worth looking at for K3 users. The program also supports the new spectrum display in N1MM Contest Logger, which provides a pan window with spots associated with the signals, sort of like NaP3. Tom also has a Yaesu version available at

TRX-Manager. Rig control software that integrates with LP-100A, and a number of TelePost's software applications.

N4PY Software. Rig control software that integrates with LP-PAN/LP-Bridge and recently also added integration with LP-100A. This is currently the best software to use for integrating LP-PAN with Orion and Orion II.

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