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LP-Meters 1.1 is a freeware auxilliary meter panel for use with the rig-control/logging program TRX-Manager from F6DEX ( It currently supports the Kenwood series transceivers for full operation, at least up through TS-870 I believe. The TS2000S is not supported. The lower meter is not supported for radios other than those just mentioned.

The panel will continuously display S-Meter on receive. When the rig switches to transmit, the S-Meter display switches to Power Output, and the second meter displays either SWR, COMP or ALC, depending on which auxilliary meter function is selected in the S-Meter section of the TRX-Manager monitoring window. LP-Meters should run on any version of Windows from Windows 95 forward.

LP-Meters uses the OLE functionality of TRX-Manager to communicate with the transceiver, so it is necessary that TRX-Manager be running. LP-Meters is meant as an auxilliary program to be used with TRX-Manager. It was written to offer increased readability of the auxilliary meter functions for situations where the rig is being controlled remotely, and is a companion to the other "LP" programs (LP-Monitor & LP-Rotor) for use in controlling remote stations with a maximum of feedback to the local user.

For installation and setup instructions see "Installation & Setup".