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LP-100-VCP (Virtual Control Panel) - Software control panel for computer control and monitoring of LP-100 or LP-100A -
Download and unzip. Run Setup.exe and accept defaults to install into
C:\Program Files\LP-100-VCP\

Download file into temp directory, unzip and run the Setup.exe program. LP-100-VCP will be installed into the Program Files\LP-100-VCP directory and added to the Start menu if you use the defaults. You should uninstall any older version you have before installing this version.

Changes from v1.1.1

* Settings default to LP-100A instead of LP-100.
* Labels in SETUP changed slightly to indicate above change.
* High power coupler option added.

LP100_Plot - Allows automated graphing of SWR, Complex Impedance, Return Loss, Smith Chart and more. The program controls the LP-100 / LP-100A and your rig to gather and plot the data, print it and save it. -
Download and unzip. Run Setup.exe and accept defaults to install into
C:\Program Files\LP100_Plot\

LP-100_Plot Help

Changes since v1.02...

* Corrects problem with Windows 7 File Manager dialog (ability to browse and save files)

Firmware - Download and unzip into C:\Program Files\LP-100\Updates.  Load into LP-100 using MCLoader.

LP-100 - Use only with LP-100 with PLED, VFD or OLED display. See LP-100A firmware below for LP-100A.

Release Date: June 6, 2011

Requires hardware with serial #101+.  Email factory for PIC upgrade if you have an earlier serial number.

Changes in this release....

Addition of setup option VFD and OLED displays.

For more info, see the LP-100 Users Group site. See LP-100 Legacy software page for revision history and older releases.

Note: This version of firmware requires LP-100 VCP ver. 1.0.5 or newer for computer control.

- Use only with LP-100A with standard GVFD display, or LP-100 with GVFD retrofit kit.

Release Date: 02/21/17

Requires LP-100A level hardware.

Changes in this release....

1) Fixed bug in v11340

No further documentation is available yet on these changes. Contact Larry for further details.